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News & Updates

Hacking 4 Recovery Day 1 (August 10th, 2020)

Hacking 4 Recovery kicked off today with 22 teams! Four teams, Adnoviv, Words4, Polu, and Voyager Kolea, presented to the larger group and received direct feedback from expert entrepreneurs, Steve Blank and Tom Bedecarre. All 22 teams shared about their first 10+ customer discovery interviews for the day, and received feedback in smaller breakout sessions led by our phenomenal teaching team. Steve Blank rounded out the evening with two lectures on the Lean Methodology stressing the importance of getting out of the building and discovery. We cannot wait to see what our teams learn tomorrow as they work towards their goal of at least 50 customer discovery interviews for the week.

Hacking 4 Recovery Day 2 (August 11th, 2020)

Day 2 of H4R kicked off with an inspirational message and words of encouragement for businesses during this challenging time from Piia Aarma (picture 1), Founder and President of Pineapple tweed with over 25 years of experience in communication. Four teams, Cup20, Meet Need Hawaii, Surf World Hawaii, and MyBiotics, shared about their top lessons learned so far from their customer discovery interviews (CDIs). At this point, all teams have completed at least 20 CDIs and are starting to make changes to their Business Model Canvas. Steve Blank (picture 2) closed out the evening with an engaging presentation on value propositions, customer segments, and validating experiments which generated lots of questions from our H4R innovators. We’ll be back at it again tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hacking 4 Recovery Day 3 (August 12th, 2020)

Wow! We are half way through with H4R and our 22 teams have each made outstanding progress. With 30 customer discovery interviews now under their belt, teams are beginning to make pivots based on what they have learned. Our evening kicked off with an inspiring message from France Hoang who shared about the importance of service and the need for the willingness to fail which is the defining characteristic of an entrepreneur. Maui Agricultural Technologies, GDLFA, FROST, and Coding 4 Social Change each shared about their lessons learned, and each team received coaching from the teaching team. Steve Weinstein from Stanford closed out the evening with a lecture on channels, growth models (get, keep, grow), and revenue eliciting numerous questions from the group. We’ll be back at it again tomorrow!

Hacking 4 Recovery Day 4 (August 13th, 2020)

We are getting ready to cross the finish line! This evening, we had the opportunity to be inspired by Donavan Kealoha, the director at Startup Capital Ventures and Shifted Energy as well as the co-founder of the Purple Maiʻa Foundation who shared a powerful message about startup planning, dealing with overwhelming feelings, and key tips for startup success. Steve Weinstein, from Stanford, ended the evening with a lecture on partners key resources, two blocks in the Business Model Canvas. Tomorrow is the last day of the H4R 5-day Bootcamp, and we would like to invite you to the showcase event this evening to see all the progress our teams have made during their H4R deep dive into the Lean Methodology. Please email if you have any questions.

Hacking 4 Recovery Day 5 (August 14th, 2020)

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